Allprotect FR+


  • Protects floors, stairs, furniture, etc.
  • Acts as a temporary dirt trap from mechanical damage and stains from spilled liquids
  • High level of mechanical resistance in areas subjected to heavy stress
  • Can be used vertically
  • Helps prevent accidents (underside has a residue- free adhesive PE film)
  • Fast, crease- free laying (saves time)
  • Anti- static surface
  • Flame retardant


• Self- Adhesive • Hard Wear Material • Strong and Durable • Impermeable Adhesive Reverse Side •  Anti- Static • Flame Retardant • Quick Application • Reusable • Made From 100% Recycled Materials • 

Hard- wearing, non-woven underside and made of synthetic fibers with residue- free adhesive PE film as a liquid barrier. Before use, acclimatization at room temperature of 18°C is necessary. The product is largely vapour-tight and can be used on certain surfaces with active diffusion. Trial use on test surfaces is recommended.

Additional information

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions39.36 × 10 × 10 in